Day 5: Lakeview to Cedarville

Fresh off an evening of Scattergories I started to pack up my camp.   A guy came walking by holding a coffee, mentioned that he road adventure bikes too and invited me over for a cup.

I walked over to his set up and he had a beautiful KTM 990 sitting there ready for a ride.  He explained that he and his wife would load the bike up in their truck, haul the KTM and their pull along camper around the country stopping at interesting places to ride dirt roads 2-up on the KTM.  Brave woman…

They were at the RV park as part of the high school reunion and asked where I was headed. I explained the route and showed them the maps.  They were impressed by the trip.  Then we got on the subject of riding to Yosemite once I reached Cedarville, CA later that day.  I showed him my route and he said he’d ridden essentially that same route before and it wasn’t much to see.  It was long, would kill my tires and the best part would be the 140 miles from the park entrance to El Cap and back; the other 811 miles were just miles.  Plus there was too much to see in Yosemite to do it one day; it would be easy enough to fly out and rent a dual sport for a week and see much more of the park.  I had to agree; the latter had been my thoughts on it in recent days as well.

They also mentioned that Moab would be difficult to get a camping spot in so if I made it down there later that week I could squeeze my tent onto their reserved RV spot.  I wasn’t going to make that though. Oh yeah, remember the bear thing?  It turns out I saw a black bear with a brownish tint to it’s fur; they don’t have predatory bears in Oregon.

I said my goodbyes, packed up my gear and heading toward California.  It was an awesome morning.

The run down to Cedarville was short; 67 miles.  I knew I was going to make it a short day so I wasn’t concerned about getting out of camp quickly and it was 10:45 by the time I actually got moving.  I figured the plan would be to shoot down to Cedarville, grab a hotel in the early afternoon, plan the next few days and write up some of the blog posts I was behind on.

The ride down to Cedarville was great.  Easy, great views and more importantly, no dead ends or navigation mishaps:


I stopped the the JnR Hotel in Cedarville at about 2 pm, walked in and rang the bell.  An older woman came out, surprised to see me there so early asking for a room and asked if I was coming from Burning Man.  I told her I wasn’t and asked how close that was from here.  She said about 80 miles and most of the people stop in Cedarville on their way there and back.

I unloaded and they let me park the bike out of sight next to a stairwell.  I holed up in the room the rest of the night typing up posts and went to bed only to have the worst sleep I’d had yet.

img_1826 img_1824


Oh yeah, I finally found a good spot for the decal I got from the Canadians in Port Orford too:



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