Day 8: Taking a Break

I woke up late and I was a little beat.  I’d scheduled a day off every week for a little R&R. Plus it would give me a chance to evaluate the bike, the tracks and update the site.

Four orders of business for the day.

  1. Go look at the air filter on The Doctor.  She was coughing a little at idle when we rolled into town the night before.
  2. Re-evaluate our packing situation. I over packed.  What could I send home…
  3. Figure out the next day’s route.
  4. Update the site.

I went out about noon to look at The Doctor.  As I’d guessed the air filter was caked in silt. I pulled the filter out and proceeded to tap it against the side panel on the bike until no more silt came out.  It wasn’t perfect but it would due until I could wash it and re-oil it.  I didn’t want to wash it in the hotel sink because I was already making a mess of the place with my gear and those things are nasty.  I believe I’ll be camping the after the next riding day so I’ll do it there.  The Suzuki service manual says to use 10w-40 to oil the filter.  I also looked over a few things on the bike.  Everything was in order but the panniers were pushing the side panel up against the exhaust again and had caused further melting.





I then went through my panniers and decided I needed about half the clothing I’d brought, half the camera equipment I’d brought and half the Nalgene bottles I’d brought.  If I shipped that all home and reorganized a few things my panniers would shut easily and I’d drop a considerable amount of weight.



The third order of business was to decide on a route.  I was sick of Nevada; I’d spent the last 300-400 miles with either my head buried in my GPS or staring 15′ in front of me trying not to crash.  I’d also read about a locked gate in one of the standard sections and there was an update online saying one of the green sections went through an active mine.  The mine was starting the press charges against bikers coming through because they had been dealing with it all summer. The rest of the tracks look to have a decent bit of road on them anyway so I decided I’d just take the super slab to Baker, NV.  Baker is located on the boarder between Nevada and Utah.

The rest of the day was spent updating the website for those who are following it. Pretty uneventful but definitely relaxing.

Mileage: 0

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