Day 11 & 12: Maintenance and Prep

This blog will be boring; skip if you must.  However, in the interest of continuity, here it goes…

I was heading into the best part of the trail; which was supposed to be Utah and Colorado.  I’d ridden 1,889 miles in 10 days.  I’m sure to some this isn’t much; but for me, it was a ton and I was pretty worn down from it.  Additionally, the bike and gear needed some TLC.

I decided that I needed to take a couple days off to recover and fix a few things.

First thing:  The D30 back armor in my Klim Overland Jacket.  When I camp I stuff my jacket and pants in the left side pannier at night where my camping is stored while riding. It fits nicely there when the camping gear is out and also stays dry.  D30 armor is pretty cool; it’s flexible until it impacts something then it hardens, protecting the rider from impact.  It typically looks like this:


However, it appears that D30 also hardens around 45 degrees and when I pulled the jacket out of the pannier in Baker, NV it broke when while I straightened it out. Meaning it looked like this:


Nothing duct tape from the Nalgene bottle can’t fix:


Next some maintenance.  I really needed to clean the air filter; properly.  I beat the dust out of it in Battle Mountain but that was just a temporary fix.  It was time to clean a dusty, oily, nasty air filter in a nice clean motel.

First Privacy:


Then clean it in a bag:


img_1956 img_1957


Also I lubed the throttle cables, clutch cable and greased the clutch lever contact points.  The dust out here really gets into everything.


I took a look at how the tires were holding up.  They weren’t terrible I guess.  I’m hoping they will last until I get to Oklahoma.  I think they may:



Finally, it was time to plan what the next week was going to look like.  The main issue was to figure out where to stop along the way; it’s getting cold in the mountains at night, camping might not work.


Oh, The Doctor can also carry coffee!


And my beard is coming in pretty well albeit annoying…


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