Day 22: Bartlesville to Fayetteville

I got up early since I hadn’t planned my ride for the day yet. I knew I was going stick with the usual plan; two sections of the trail.  I’d spent the previous night trying to figure out an affordable lodging option in Lincoln, AR.  Again though, Lincoln had absolutely nothing to offer.  True to form, every hotel, motel or campground was 20 miles northeast in Fayetteville. It was also bike week in Fayetteville and every cheap hotel, motel or campground from Rogers through the Ozarks was booked.  Every town seemed to be trying to get their end of summer events in. I left for the day discouraged without figuring out where I was going to stay.

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record now; the first section was again boring with straight West-East and North-South roads. Maybe a single blog entry titled “Oklahoma: Nothing to see here, move along…” would have been more appropriate…

The morning was uneventful.  Here’s the picture dump:





I refueled in Adair and took off into section two.

At about mile 53 of the track I rode into a campground.  The track said cross the river via the bridge:


Which of course I found…


It was gone. I turned around to head back out to the main road and consult my GPS when I noticed the front end became very hard to turn. I looked down and the front tire was flat.  Fantastic…

The situation wasn’t terrible though.  A flat front was easier to fix and I was in a campground. I commandeered a campsite with a picnic table to use as a workbench. I was kind of satisfied; I’d made it all of the way to the Oklahoma-Arkansas border without a flat.  Selfishly I knew that at least the blog would have an interesting change of pace after all of the days of boring Oklahoma posts.

I don’t have a center stand though and the crutch stand I meant to build before I left was never built. This meant the bike had to go down. I shut off the gas and clamped the gas tank vent tube shut and laid her down.


I levered off half the tire and pulled the tube out.  I’d filled the tubes with Slime before I shipped the bike out to Portland to help seal up any small pinch flats I might get. This meant the the inside of the tire was now full of Slime.

I knew with the Slime no longer in the tube that I hadn’t gotten a large pinch flat. I had to of run something over and it was very likely it was still in the tire.  I inspected the tire and found it:


A tiny nail… I buttoned everything up on the wheel.  In general everything looked good; the rimlock was destroyed however.  I put it back in square, I wasn’t entirely sure whether or not the damage would cause another flat though.  If it did I could always just remove it when I fixed the flat, but I was out of front tubes for the moment.  All I had was a small patch kit, which I’d read had a pretty low success rate when applied to heavy duty tubes.

I picked up the nail at about 4:00 and it took about an hour to get the flat fixed and the bike back together. I looked on my GPS and there didn’t appear to be another way across the river. It was hot and I was tired. There was 42 miles left of trail and then another 20 miles up to Fayetteville; where I still had no clue where I was going to stay.  I decided to just ride the road into Fayetteville and address my lodging situation before it got too late.

It was about 50 miles into town.  I’d removed the front brake caliper when I replaced the front wheel since it made lining everything up much easier. Unfortunately, when I replaced the caliper the speedometer sensor wire was a bit too close to the rotor and after about 20 miles the wire was cut; my speedometer shut off.


I rode into Fayetteville and there happened to be a Motel 6.  I pulled in and they had 3 rooms left. I took one; there were plenty of bikes in the city and the parking lot:


I think she fit in pretty well.


I settled in and looked at the Google Maps to take a better look at if and where there was a crossing to that river.  I was a bit upset to see that the new bridge was pretty close…


Apparently everyone’s system wasn’t updated to show the bridge.  GPSKevin obviously didn’t show the new the bridge on the tracks.  Of course neither did my OSM map:


Oh well, it was water under the bridge now so I grabbed dinner and went to fix the speedometer.


We were back in business in pretty short order. It was time to plan the next day; the tires were getting really bad and Ozark National Forest was on tap for the morning…

Mileage 210


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