Day 24: Conway to Savannah

I’d generally figured out my route.  It was nothing fancy, I’d chicken scratched some mileages to cities and towns on the back of a motel receipt. Conway was dead smack in the middle of Arkansas; which probably explains why the University of Central Arkansas was there.  It was only 160 miles from Memphis, TN where I’d cross the Mississippi River and I’d found a cheapish RV park in Savannah, TN another 118 miles east.  I’d camp there; the weather looked nice overnight. The days were about to become long but I could get all the way to the coast in 6 days and ride some very scenic roads through the Nantahala Forest.


I packed up and hit the road out of Conway.  I’d liked it there. I’d considered just hanging out there for a couple days to relax but I was excited to get to the coast.  I made my way out onto the open road; there wasn’t a whole lot to see.  Most of the day was just a cruise at about 55 mph; The Doctor likes to run at the speed.


I figured the first 160 miles would go by faster than they did; I couldn’t tell you why I felt they would. Finally, I made the turn to cross the Mississippi River and over into Memphis. I pulled over and went down to snap some pictures in the park of a gated community that was positioned along the river.  It is indeed a big river.




There was also the city too.


And the oddest looking Bass Pro Shop I’d ever seen…


It was definitely the largest place I’d been through since leaving Portland.  I rode for another hour or so until I needed gas. The gas station was pretty much out of gas; I’d pumped about 1/4 of a gallon before the pump stopped pumping. It was so oppressively hot and humid.  I went into the shop for a couple Gatorades, a water and some ice cream.  Non of it helped… and I still had a good bit of this to ride through before the road would open up:


Finally the road opened up and I cooked through the last 118 miles to the RV park I was staying at with one fuel stop to make up for what I wasn’t able to get at the last place. The lady running the RV park insisted on giving me the grand tour of the place so, in full riding gear and 100 degree heat, I hopped into a golf cart and toured the premises.  About a half hour later finally I’d seen the entire place, picked my campground and was taken back to my bike.  The park was quite nice and it was nice they gave you a tour, but I just wanted to unload and relax.

I started to set up camp, which I hadn’t done in awhile, when suddenly a utility side x side pulled up with a picnic bench on the back.  They said they figured I’d need of these.  I kind of did…

The place had Wi-Fi too so I started to write a few blog posts.  I’d always thought this was just one of those jokes you heard Jeff Foxworthy or one his idiot redneck cronies tell.  The joke’s funny but you’re just kind of lame if you actually do it…


After a while two couples pulled up in a 3500 Ram pulling a massive RV.  They’d spend 2 hours trying to back it into their spot and another hour trying to level it in the dark.


Mileage: 280

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