Day 27: Asheville to Martinsville

^ See that one?  Moving shot; talent…

It was still raining when I woke up; what was worse however was that my boots were still a bit damp. I guess I couldn’t complain too much since I’d actually dumped water out of them when I took them off the night before. Still though, starting the day off with damp feet is a killer.

I took my time getting out the door again; the weather said that the rain would clear up around 10:00.

I was going to jump back on the Blue Ridge Parkway and keep heading north for a while then head over to Martinsville, VA.

I caught back up with the Parkway and soon realized I hadn’t loaded up the track to Martinsville onto my GPS; I was riding blind.  This was fine for a while.  I knew I was going to be on the Parkway for something like 135 miles; I had time to find a good place to pull over and bust out the laptop.



I started heading up towards Mt. Mitchell but like many times before, the entire place was covered in fog.  I realized I’d have to catch it another time and kept going.

I rode a bunch of miles up the road, I didn’t really keep track of how far exactly, when I found a private looking pull off to upload my GPS.

It turned out to be a viewing location for Mt. Mitchell.  Pretty awesome.


Standing desks are popular these days; I’m a particular fan of mine; the view isn’t too bad either I guess.



I carried on up the Parkway only to end up following this RV for 20 miles.  We were moving about 30 mph, the Parkway speed limit is 45 mph.  We finally entered a passing zone so I pulled out. He sped up… I was neck and neck with the him at 65 mph. What the hell?  I finally pulled ahead just as another car came into view in front of me and finished my pass.  People these days, yea know?


The Blue Ridge Parkway gets pretty boring once you get toward northern North Carolina and Virginia. It started to rain too…

The rain wasn’t bad; it was off and on.  I pulled into Martinsville, unloaded and like the evening before BAM downpour.  I would escaped it this time however.


Coffee in the bathroom.  The perfect location…my coffee maker at home may be moving…


Mileage: 278

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