626 Part 1: 626? What is that?

So 2017 was sort of a dud in the epic trip department.  Although this happened…

And we made our pilgrimage down to WV to ride at the Hatfield McCoy trails where it rained and I made coffee…

And then I won The Craig…

Because I both suck at motorcycles and am an a-hole…

I took a ride on the Doctor to Tygart Lake, WV where we met some Syrians and this happened…

And I did my best Bigfoot impression.

This happened…

Then that happened…

And then this happened:

Oh and I rode a Harley with a badass ‘Merica helmet.

I let this blog really go by the way side this year so there’s 2017 in 407 characters; too many to be presidential but, hey, we can’t all run the world with 140 characters… I was going to take this site down since there wasn’t much activity but I think all the beers made me forget to do that before the domain renewed and I was out $100. I guess I might as well post.

Anyway, 2018 holds at least one (stayed tuned for more…🇻🇳 or 🇮🇳?) new challenge; a 626 ride.  For those of you not familiar with this concept, it’s a 600 mile, 2 day trip, riding $600, pre-1985 motorcycles; hence 626.  This was first done by the guys at Klim out in Idaho back in 2015 with some dudes from Dirt Rider Magazine and this guy who’s video is way cooler.  Anyway, I’m sure you know where this is heading, everyone but Brad from Ride of My Life received sponsor’s “donations” to trick out their rides which clearly didn’t count against their total.  Brad’s only benefit was that he did buy the bike for $1; though, it seemed like a fair price in my opinion.

However, F that… this is my ride:

I pulled it out of my parent’s shed.  The build will follow and will obviously include the running cost total.

There are some basic rules and a points system that is still to be devised. It’s been agreed upon that not everything will count against the $600 total.

First of which are the legal items.  Insurance, registration and taxes don’t count.  The bikes will be registered in PA or WV so this isn’t exactly the end of the world cost wise but it’s stupid so we’re not counting them.

Second is safety items.  Brakes, tires, bearings etc. aren’t counted since we really don’t want anyone dying because they chose Metal Mulisha graphics over new brake pads.  However, while things like better lights are technically safety items; we’re definitely counting that pair of Baja Squadron Pro headlights you bought (yes… I’m talking to you Justin Summers…).

Third is shipping.  Like legal fees, it’s stupid and eBay is basically going to build all of these bikes.

The target date is July 2017 some time so I’d suspect these posts will be fewer and further between as Winter and Spring are probably going to be slow.  Part two is going to start with the build but you can skip that by clicking jumping ahead once the posts are created.

Since a number of things are kind of in the mix for 2018 there will likely be several simultaneous blog series going on so stay tuned.

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  1. Dingo says: Reply

    The 626, which we have elected to make 3 days instead… I don’t know if that 100 could do 300 miles/day… also known as TRASH (Trans-Allegheny Six Hundred) will be a blast.

  2. jbboyle13@gmail.com says: Reply

    I am impressed that you actually still check this… I thought I was writing sweet nothings to no one.

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